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    Several Matters Needing Attention in Stable Operation of Medium Wire Cutting

    release time:2018-12-24  viewed:5200次
     Matters to be noticed in the working environment of mid-line slitting: _
    1. The primary requirement is to select a dust-free place to avoid leaving many passages around the cut-off line;
    (1) The self-characteristics of the middle wire cutting open motor will cause certain dust in the air, which will make the screw of the machine have a certain probability of severe wear and tear, and then affect the service life of the machine;.
    (2) Wire-cut open motor belongs to computer control. The disk used by the computer begs for dust in the air severely. When dust enters the disk, the disk will be damaged and the hard disk will be damaged together.
    (3) Wire-cut open motor itself announces a lot of heat, so the internal demand of electrical cabinet is often ventilated. If there is too much dust in the air, it will accumulate on each electrical component in the ventilation process, which constitutes a bad heat dissipation of electrical components, and then causes the circuit board to burn out. Therefore, the machine platform dust-proof net should be often cleaned. Chinese style
    2. Select places that can accept machine tool components;
    3. Choose the place where there is no vibration and impact. The middle wire cutting machine is a high-precision processing equipment. Assuming that there is vibration and impact in the place where it is placed, it will pose a serious hazard to the machine. Then it will seriously affect its processing accuracy, shorten its service life, and even cause the machine to be scrapped. Chinese style
    4. Satisfy the request of space standard for wire cutting in servo system;
    5. Choose places with small temperature changes to avoid direct sunlight through windows and top windows and local heat flow.
    (1) The product requirement of high precision parts processing is carried out at a stable temperature, generally room temperature 20C;
    (2) Because of the considerable heat generated during the operation of the machine tool itself, assuming that the temperature changes too much, it will have a serious impact on the service life of the machine. Chinese style
    6. Selection of shielding house: The process of EDM due to wire cut is attributed to the process of arc discharge, in which intense electromagnetic waves will occur, which will cause damage to human health, and together will affect the surrounding environment.
    7. Choose a factory with good ventilation conditions and a wide range of workshops so that operators and machine tools can work in the best environment.

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