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    EDM technology determines mold cost

    release time:2018-05-23  viewed:6753次
     In manufacturing, EDM and high-speed milling are key processes for making molds. Both processes compete and complement each other. In the past ten years, with the continuous development of super-hard tools, drive technology, machine tools and control technology, high-speed milling and EDM technology have been widely applied in manufacturing. Therefore, EDM technology also determines the cost of mold manufacturing.
    EDM forming processes, such as machining deeper, narrower cavities with extremely small fillet radii and machining complex geometries, and better than high-speed milling when machining dies with hardness exceeding 60HRC The technical and economic advantages. From this it can be seen that the combination of high-speed milling and EDM processes complement each other, that is, the EDM machines and high-speed milling machines are connected into a unit or a system through industrial robots and workpiece storage. Processing, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing the cost of one-piece, improving the processing accuracy and shortening the production process time and delivery time, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.
    In the past 56 years, European companies producing EDM machines and at the same time manufacturing high-speed milling machines, such as Germany's Ops-Ingersauer OPS-Ingersol Switzerland's GF AgieCharmilles GFAgie Charmil and Germany's Akron Exeron, have launched integrated electrics. Spark processing and high-speed milling machining units or mold centers and other automated integrated processing equipment. GF AgieCharmilles has demonstrated its expertise in EDM and high-speed milling in the field of die manufacturing. The Schorndorf application and service center in Schendldorf showcases a line for integrated milling and EDM. Type machining unit for the manufacture of inserts for injection mould cores. The high-efficiency machining center Mikron UCP 600 Vario and the EDM machine Form 2000 operate the handling electrodes and workpiece pallets by means of a walking robot RobotalLinear-System 3R. The unit is a modular structure that can be expanded as needed. According to reports, the use of this equipment can reduce manufacturing costs by 46%. After the processing unit accepts the processing task as an order, it can start from CAD/CAM, from programming, machine control, workpiece pallet clamping, selection of electrodes and milling cutters, machining start of the machine tool and finished workpiece waste. The access to the workpieces underneath and in the framed depot can be automated, and workers only need to load the workpiece pallets into the processing unit's framed storage at the loading and unloading station.
    Through automation solutions, the two machine tools with different processing methods are integrated to achieve comprehensive and efficient machining of workpieces. The customer can take his processing task to the application center and use GF AgieCharmilles' proprietary technology to help find the right solution. The German company Ruhla Mould Manufacturing Company is a small enterprise manufacturing injection moulds, punching moulds and bending moulds. It has 45 employees.
    EDM technology is widely used in the development of super-hard tools, drive technology, machine tools and control technology. EDM technology affects the cost of die manufacturing, so it is necessary to improve the development level of EDM.

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