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    25/35/45/55/65/75Non standard economy WEDM

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    25/35/45/55/65/75Non standard economy WEDM
    Technical data of intelligent and economical WEDM (1) Application: the product is used for cutting hard conductive materials such as cemented carbide, complex medium and small metal parts and micro complex small workpieces. It can complete the cutting of different sizes, such as cone, cone, bevel, gear, upper and lower special-shaped parts. It is widely used in precision mold manufacturing industry, automobile, weapon industry, aerospace industry, tractor, electromechanical industry, printing industry, Textile machinery manufacturing, mold manufacturing, education experiment and other industries. (2) Product Name: intelligent and economical WEDM (3) Product model: ms-425 ms-435m ms-445 ms-455 ms-550 ms-655 ms-755, etc. (different specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. (4) System configuration: x8 (5) Manufacturer: Rongyang Machinery Co., Ltd (6) Basic structure of equipment 1. The worktable structure of the machine tool adopts the full support structure (i.e. the design structure of the machining center), the fully enclosed protective cover, the casting body of the machine tool adopts the resin sand casting technology, and after two times of high-temperature annealing treatment, it ensures that the mechanical accuracy will not be deformed for a long time. The moving parts of the machine tool use V-shaped steel inlaid guide rail and precision ball screw, which ensures that the machine tool has high rigidity and high precision under high load. The technology is widely used in machining centers, which not only ensures the accuracy of wire transportation, but also reduces the friction coefficient, and improves the response of wire barrel movement. 3. The self-developed water-proof guide wheel component is the leading domestic level in water-proof performance, and the service life of guide wheel bearing is increased by 2 times. 4. The taper machining mechanism can be selected flexibly according to the needs of users ± three °/ 80mm or ± thirty °/ 80mm 5. In the motion control of the silk drum, it can not only realize the 4-gear speed regulation, but also the reversing function, which effectively improves the working life of the silk drum motor and the stability of the silk drum operation. 6. Intelligent control system: users only need to input processing materials, cutting thickness and required roughness, and the system can automatically generate the best processing parameters (including pulse width, pulse interval, power amplifier, processing voltage, processing current, tracking speed, wire speed, etc.) for automatic processing, so that the system can obtain higher surface finish and cutting efficiency. The processing quality is close to the economic index of low speed WEDM. 7. The intelligent control system supports automatic programming driven by graphics. Users only need to set the processing technology for the processing drawing without connecting the code. At the same time, it supports 3B code, G code and other processing codes generated by various software. The software can be directly embedded into various versions of Auto CAD, CAXA and other software to monitor the x.y.u.v four axis processing status in real time. 8. The system has processing preview, processing real-time tracking display, taper processing can carry out three-dimensional tracking display, can zoom in and out to watch graphics, using four-axis motion control technology, can facilitate the processing of up and down special-shaped surface, making the complex taper graphics simple and accurate 9. It has automatic alarm function, supports clearing angle delay processing and backlash compensation function. When power off, it can save processing status automatically. When power on, it can resume processing. When short circuit is finished, it can automatically turn off the machine power

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