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    CNC spark machine

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    CNC spark machine
     First, CNC EDM host features:
    1, with point-to-point automatic shift function. The maximum memory is 100x4000O points.
    2, with 10 groups of automatic repair processing functions, so that the mold processing can be: rough - medium - fine to complete.
    3, to provide 5 sets of shaking function settings. With the same - mold can be set at a time 5 different shaking method.
    4, to provide more than 10,000 file storage capacity (mainly determined by the size of the internal hard disk). That is, it can store 10,000 different mold processing conditions.
    5, with electrode consumption automatic correction capabilities. In the porous processing, the amount of electrode loss can be preset. The computer will automatically compensate for depth. Make each hole the same depth.
    6, with automatic mode and center point search function to provide faster school model function.
    7, automatic anti-carbon detection function, when the carbon deposition process is unstable, the computer automatically adjusts the processing parameters, and automatically increase the slag height. Restore automatically when stable.
    8, mechanical zero point automatic scan function: processing half-time power outages. The computer can automatically find the origin of the machine.
    9, with a mirror processing circuit. With the shaking process can really etch the mirror effect. Mixed powder processing effect is better.
    10. Rapid slag discharge, two-stage speed slagging, and slow-jump slagging are used for small, large, and large copperworkers.
    11. Work shaking and side release functions with ○/□/X/+/.
    12, using dialogue, Chinese or English operation screen, processing parameters can be input according to user habits, the keyboard is simple, easy to learn and understand.
    13, can do "DRY RUNNING" discharge, processing can be programmed before the first trial processing, test the correctness of the programming.
    14, guide rods and backlash-free bearings, and can install electromagnetic brakes to lock the positioning, to ensure positioning accuracy when processing, and use optical electronic ruler feedback accuracy monitoring system.
    15, with X, Y, Z triaxial mechanical error correction function, the assembly of large machine tools can ensure accuracy.
    16, has to eliminate the secondary discharge function and quickly pull up the carbon deposition or discharge rapid edge-up function.
    17, with energy control function can make the processing more uniform. Turning off energy control can make graphite processing faster.
    18. It is possible to set (jump control) to discharge 2-10 times and pull it up to (end jump Z) to set any position and then go to processing, which has good slag discharge effect for deep hole processing.
    19. The main CPU adopts industrial-grade low-power CPU, and even if there is no fan, it can work stably.
    20, the use of industrial PC-BASE controller and the use of DOM new memory to replace the traditional hard drive. Reading files faster and more stable is more suitable for industrial use.
    21, humanized operation, 3D interface display, different display information classified on different pages. You can turn pages and operate at any time.
    22, modify the system parameters, X.Y.Z axis coordinates can be metric. Imperial switch.
    23. When the discharge condition is automatically adjusted when the discharge is unstable, the computer will modify the discharge efficiency and working time by itself. After stabilization, the discharge condition will be automatically restored. Processing conditions can be adjusted at any time during processing.
    24, the new design of the power box in line with the European CE safety specifications, can be dust-proof, waterproof, anti-interference, improve the life of the electronic board.
    25, with upward discharge processing function. Make special parts easier to process.
    26. There are two independent processing coordinate systems. The male and female models can be processed or processed in different coordinate systems.
    27, stretching speed segmentation, in the case of ensuring that the electrode is pulled and deformed to increase the servo speed, improve the efficiency of the area of processing.
    28, coordinate and processing data are stored separately, can quickly join the same processing conditions in different coordinate processing

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