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    Mirror EDM machine

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    Mirror EDM machine
     CNC-450 CNC EDM Machine Technical Data
    First, the main application of machine tools
    CNC EDM machine tools are now widely used in precision machinery, automotive, microelectronics, home appliances, and aerospace precision parts and precision tooling manufacturing and production. Especially in the processing of narrow groove slits in the cavity molds and processing of aerospace special materials, it is difficult to process the machine using ordinary machining equipment. For example, in the molding or finishing of a variety of difficult-to-machine materials for aircraft engines, such as the processing of materials such as high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, low-expansion alloys, and alloy structural steels, etc., narrow grooves, narrow slits, deep cavities can be easily realized. Shaped blind hole, cavity blind hole and other special shape processing process requirements.
    II. Main features of CNC series precision CNC EDM machine tools
    1. The CNC series EDM main machine adopts a ram-type structure and a fixed worktable with excellent operability. The table is fixed, which is conducive to bearing, the processing stability is good; the structure is compact and the operating position is free. The machine tool is equipped with a hand-held operation box, and the general operation can be completed with it, so that the processing operation is more convenient and faster.
    2, X, Y, Z for the linear motion axis, three axes are used Japanese THK linear rolling guide, precision ball screw drive, Panasonic servo system in Japan to improve the machine's movement accuracy and motion sensitivity, excellent servo performance And processing stability. The guide screw adopts centralized lubrication to ensure long-term use of the machine tool.
    3, X, Y, Z three axes have pitch error compensation and backlash compensation. The minimum drive of the machine is 0.001mm.
    4, the control system can achieve XYZ three-axis linkage control, processing a wide range of high precision machining.
    5, the fuel tank adopts the paper filter core through the circulation pump and the pipeline, the impurities produced by the processing are continuously carried out
           Filtration, and turn into qualified media.
    6, the machine adaptive discharge machining control, spindle fixed-point control, discharge gap detection, automatic oil level, fire control, automatic alarm device, anti-carbon deposition function, automatic measurement of the workpiece in the machine, super precision surface, fine edge processing and other functions.
    7, CNC system, touch screen input, manual box operation. Easy to learn and understand!
        8, the machine is a manifestation of automation, high efficiency, high precision, beginners as long as the input of simple process parameters, use the automatically generated program can be processed, experienced people can edit the program or modify the processing conditions, you can complete the multi Bit, high level of processing.

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